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workout of the day

set goals. crush them. never apologize for being awesome.

the workout

1. Strength
5:00 emom
power clean + push jerk + front squat + hang squat clean + split jerk

p: 155/105
f: 115/75

if the prescribed performance weight feels light, go heavier

2. Conditioning
for time:
50 kettlebell swings
25 handstand push-ups
2:00 rest
40 kettlebell swings
20 handstand push-ups
2:00 rest
30 kettlebell swings
15 handstand push-ups

3. Rowing
4x250m row
rest :30 after the first
rest :45 after the second
rest :60 after the third

keep each row within 1-2 seconds of each other

class schedule

eat clean. train dirty.
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