SFIT #326 – Saturday, April 8th


3:00 Run, Row, Bike or Air Dyne
Banded Front Rack Stretch
2 Rounds of:
20 Double-unders
10 Med Ball Cleans
10 Wall Balls
10 Box Jumps

Ankle Distraction


Team of 2
For time:
Thrusters (95/65)
40 Double-unders
200m Run

One athlete working at a time.
Complete a full round before switching. Each partner completes each set.

Biggest goal of the day: Unbroken Thrusters.
Aim to make this workout as uncomfortable as possible for your partner, which means getting incredibly uncomfortable yourself. They should be amazed and angered by how soon you get out onto that run. Thruster speed will play a huge role in getting through the early sets unbroken. Get comfortable pausing for a split second at the top of each rep to breath. The better your breathing on a movement like a thruster, the lower you can keep your heart rate. After the thrusters it’s a dead sprint to finish the doubles and run before you get a decent chunk of rest. Earn it.


Easy air dyne or biking
Barbell Calf Smash
Couch Stretch

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