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184 Main Collins Street | West Victoria 8007

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(608) 577 - 2030
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About Us

Our Team

We're passionate and dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Get to know the team that make all the fitness magic happen.

Our Programs

Everyone is different. No one understands that better than us here at CrossFit LJE. We want the time you spend with us to be as beneficial as possible, so we have multiple programs developed with you in mind.

Our Services

Looking for something other than group fitness or CrossFit classes? We offer a more personal approach as well. From 1 on 1 personal training to nutrition consulting, we have the staff to help crush any goals you set.

The Story of Us


What’s an LJE anyway?

Co-owned by a mother and son, our gym was a family affair from day 1. When the opportunity to become a CrossFit affiliate came to fruition, we jumped all over it. While the decision to affiliate was easy enough, deciding on a name was tough. So why did we decide on CrossFit LJE? LJE are the initials of my (Drew) son and our gym’s mascot, Leighton James Easland. At the end of the day, it comes down to our favorite phrase: Life-changing.

CrossFit LJE signifies just that. It’s the combination of the two biggest things that literally changed our lives. That’s what I want this gym to portray. I want our members to wake up one day and look back at who they once were and thank their lucky stars that they walked through our doors.

We want the words CrossFit and LJE to change your life in the same way they’ve changed ours.

The needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents differ by degree, not kind.

Our Philosophy


We firmly believe that workouts should be based on your goals, not your abilities. Because of this, our staff is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to scaling workouts to make sure the work  you put in is getting you closer to your goals, not further away.

Are you working towards the goal of competing in the sport of CrossFit one day? Our workouts can be tailored and volume can be increased. Are you just looking to be happy and healthy as you age? Our workouts can help accomplish that as well. One size does not fit all, and we’re built our gym on that notion so you can sit back, relax and put the work in knowing that we’re doing everything we can to assure you’re crushing goals, getting fit and living life to its fullest.

Any gym or personal trainer can work you hard enough for you to be sore the next day. Our goal is to make sure the hard work you’re putting in to achieve that soreness is actually worthwhile. We have an incredible understanding of the balance between intensity and volume and program our daily workouts with this knowledge. We understand the science behind the energy systems and how to train them so you don’t have to. Show up, do the work, see results. We make it that simple.