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Website Updates

As you’ve probably noticed over the last week, our website has been under construction. We’re pleased to finally bring you the (almost) final product. To make your experience more enjoyable, I’ll go over some of the major overhauls and also some points of emphasis that we’re planning to utilize for the future. We’re still rolling out a few things, so a handful of pages will look incomplete, but for now you’ll get the gist of where we’re headed.

First and foremost, we switched to a more minimal approach. I really wanted to remove all the clutter from the main page so we could highlight more information and knowledge. You’ll be able to find the latest workouts from our signature SpartanFIT and Express classes without much effort. Down the road, you’ll also be able to view any and all videos posted by our coaching staff right on the main page. We’ll discuss more about our future video approach a little later in this blog post. Below all the major updates, you’ll also find blog posts located right on the main page. I wanted to go for a more ‘magazine-ish’ approach to the new version of our website, because our New Years resolution is to crank out more educational blog posts for all of you. I wanted these to be easier to find, so I threw them right on the main page.

Leaving the main page, you’ll find a revamped schedule. More appealing, more information, and just better all around. Interested in a class you’ve never taken before? Head over to the schedule, click on the class title you want to learn more about, and read up! It’s that simple. We’ve also revamped the way memberships are handled. More transparency when purchasing a membership and more options during checkout. Want a simple way to just use your credit card? We’ve added Stripe to our list of checkout methods. We’ve also given you the ability to use Stripe as a means of adding a recurring payment if you’d like to go the $75/month route, but didn’t like using paypal. If you need any guidance on setting up a recurring payment, email me and I’ll help get you setup.

With the website update comes a downside, however. If you were a recurring customer previously, you should have been getting emails from us when your payment was being processed for the month. Sadly, we lost some information in the switch and steps need to be taken in order for our system to start pushing those out again. If you’d like to start receiving those emails from our system again, contact me ( and I’ll give you a couple quick easy steps to take in order to get those notifications coming every month again. Your payments will continue to process regardless, we just want you to be notified successfully.

In terms of near future projects, we’re looking to start up a weekly video series. We’re not 100% sure where we want to take the series, and that’s what excites me the most. Videos will be released every Sunday and we’re looking to cover a wide range of topics. From Spartan updates to nutrition tips and everything in between. Keep your eyes peeled for videos popping up in a couple weeks (when I get back from vacation). Eventually I want to open the last 5 minutes or so up to questions submitted by you, our members, so we’ll have a process for you to submit any questions regarding pretty much anything.

Along with video education, we’ll also educate you through our blog much more often. Utilizing the new website format, we’ll be able to bring our knowledge to the forefront. You’ll start seeing 2-3 blog posts a week with a wide range of topics. Like our new video series, most of our direction will be taken from ideas submitted by you. Start brainstorming what you’d like to learn more about and in the next couple of weeks, we’ll give you a means of getting those ideas to us.

Work your ass off in our classes and get educated with us online; let’s work together to achieve those lifelong goals.

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