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Spartan News

Lots of cool stuff happening, so stick with us here, while we share all the news.

Session and Sign Up
This current session ends on Sunday, February 26th. Starting Monday, February 27th, we are going to change our membership from 8-week sessions to monthly. This is going to be much easier for all of us to keep track of and we’re also hoping that monthly payments will ease everyone’s workload. As far as our flexibility with number of classes per week, nothing changes! You can still sign up for one class a week (any class), two classes, or our best deal of unlimited classes. You’ll have three different options to choose from when you sign yourself up. You’ll notice the pricing difference because we’re going monthly instead of the 8 weeks. If anything changes and you want to upgrade or downgrade your membership, let us know and we’ll walk you through the very simple process. Having your credit card inputted into the sign up process is going to take all the thought out of calendar tracking. If you’re having trouble with doing it online, bring your credit card in and Drew or I can help you get all set up. If you’re not a credit card-type person, we’re more than happy to continue to take your cash or check and we’ll get you set up on a monthly payment schedule. Of course our $10 drop ins are ALWAYS welcome. Take a peak at our revamped schedule using the link at the top and head over to the membership page when you’re ready to get signed up.

Exciting News!
Sue is back teaching Yoga! Thank you for your understanding during my year of injury. Feeling a lot better and so excited to get back to Yoga with all of you! Thursday nights at 5:30pm; put it on your calendar and make it happen! My time away was not wasted. I put a few more Yoga certifications in my arsenal, so look for mobility and meditation and of course yoga playlists as only I know how to make.

Express is Hot!
Spartan Express is THE most efficient workout I’ve ever done, personally. I’m stronger and this has certainly moved me over the injury hump that was lingering around. It has gotten rave reviews, so we’ve changed the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning to the Express class. Don’t worry – 12Pack is still there! We’ve just moved it to Tuesdays and Thursdays, which means, you have five classes a week at 8am! On M/W/F, we need you there as close to 8am as possible. We do have a bit of flexibility, but do your best. On T/TH, I need you on the circuit by 8:15 at the latest. Life is busy. Let’s get up, get moving, and get it done!

Thoughts of You 24/7
Drew and I don’t take the schedule lightly. We spend a lot of time talking about how we can bring the best overall program to you. We feel strongly about being THE gym that is part of your lifestyle and not just another fob for your keychain. Fitness is a way of life and having all of you like-minded Spartans in our space makes it the special place that it is. We don’t advertise much and there’s a reason for this. We don’t want just anyone. We want people that really truly want to shape their entire lives and not just their biceps. For our RX SpartanFit group, you know what you need to do to hit your goals. For “my” people, let me take a minute and talk to you about why I do what I do with the schedule.

My goal for my 8am is group is for you to make as many mornings as you can. The 12Pack is going to be the perfect compliment to Express. For my nighttime warriors. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, you kill it. Get in and work hard. Thursday is everyone’s day of rest – which means Spartan Yoga. Then you conquer Friday night and one or both weekend mornings. If you’re a Tuesday and Thursday night person, fit in one weekend morning. That third workout will make a huge difference in seeing real and lasting results.

You Are What You Eat
One big piece of the puzzle that we’ve had on hold for a few months is nutrition. Every time one of you has asked me if we’re going to do a challenge, I’ve had to bite my tongue and keep our secret. Drew and I are more excited than you know to unveil our brand new Spartan Nutrition Program. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever done and if you commit to it, YOU WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. There will be an informational workshop coming up in the next few weeks so look for the announcement. You won’t miss it, promise. Flyers, social media, emails – I’ll find you and you’ll attend.

Speaking of Social Media
Drew and I have both made major life changes, the last few months. Our main motivator for doing this was so we could commit 110% to the gym. We have blogs and videos and long-winded things to share. The best place for this is at our Spartanfit Facebook site. So if you haven’t LIKED us, now is the time to do it. Really. Now. Do it. Right now.

Thanks for sticking with me until the end. Looking forward to knocking it out of the ballpark these next few months with all of you.

Enjoy the February sunshine and don’t hesitate to let us know what we can do to help you achieve your goals.


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  • Paulette kozar
    March 28, 2017 at 9:51 pm

    I would like to see more strength classes (body pump!)

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