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SFIT #320 – Friday, March 31st


3:00 Row or Bike
3 Rounds of:
4 Kips
4 Hips to Bar
4 Toes to Bar

Ankle Warm-up
spend at least 2 minutes working each side

Focus on slow, methodical swings. Don’t rush these. Really drive your shoulders open on the front swing and utilize speed and hip power on the back swing.


50/35 Calorie Row
5 Rounds:
10 Burpees
10 Toes-to-Bar
50/35 Calorie Row

Row pace is everything in this workout. Too fast and you’ll be forced to rest too much during the 5 rounds, too slow and you’re going to miss out on the intended stimulus. Use the first 10/5 or so to find a rhythm before pushing the pace on the next 30/25, take the last 10/5 to catch your breath and get ready for the burpees and toes to bar.

10 reps is low enough to stay unbroken and move well between movements. Transitions are going to be completely mental, deep breath and get right into the next movement. You shouldn’t need big rests here, slow the burpees down if you’re having a hard time breathing, don’t stop. First burpee is always the hardest.

Finish strong on the final row. You’re allowed to feel bad for yourself through the first 5-8 calories and then get to an uncomfortable pace. Solid technique is going to be key to being able to breath and finish without crashing and burning.


0:30 Max Back Squats (135/95)
1:00 Rest
0:30 Max Back Squats (155/105)
1:00 Rest
0:30 Max Back Squats (185/125)
1:00 Rest
0:30 Max Back Squats (225/155)
1:00 Rest
0:30 Max Back Squats (185/125)
1:00 Rest
0:30 Max Back Squats (155/105)
1:00 Rest
0:30 Max Back Squats (135/95)

10 minutes. Don’t come out blazing because the weight feels light. 2:1 rest:work so do not rack the bar before your 30 seconds is up. The weight should get heavy. Rest and breath at the top of the reps as necessary, but realize that 30 seconds is going to go quick. Form and depth are much more important here than numbers. Bounce out of the bottom, but focus on keeping your core tight and knees out over your toes to avoid the butt wink.


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