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SFIT #322 – Monday, April 3rd


3:00 Bike, Air Dyne or Row
2 Rounds of:
10 Jump Squats
10 PVC Pass Throughs
10 PVC Good Mornings
10 V-Ups

Hip Circle Banded Good Mornings

Standard warm-up. Get the heart rate up and prime the muscles you’ll require for the workout.
Take your time and focus on moving well, hitting end ranges of each movement and pausing for a second when you get there.
Most mobility movements will have a video link through the blog posts, so make sure you check each workout through the website rather than just using sugarwod, although we’ll run through them during class as well.


10:00 Clock
Work to a heavy set of 3 deadlifts

3 Rounds for time of:
15 Deadlifts (205/145)
25 Wall Balls (20/14)
15 Toes to Bar
25 Box Jumps (24/20)

Long rant about going away from strength-biased programming and day 1 is strength-bias. What on earth? We’ll still have a strength-bias day show up every so often and today is one of those days. Utilize the ten minutes to find a heavy set of 3 reps. Not a 3 rep max, just a heavy set for the day. We’ll use it to prime yourself for what should be a relatively light weight for the workout.

Workout will be a doozy. Utilize the first round to see how you’re going to feel throughout the rest of the workout. If you think you’ll need to break up reps, do it early as to not dump on your later rounds. 2-3 sets is ideal. Big early set to make the second and possible third sets go smoother. Second round will be the worst round mentally. Keep your mindset positive and keep yourself moving. None of these movements or transitions should require long breaks. Focus on your breathing, especially while moving onto the next movement.

Every movement will hamper the next. It’s going to be a vicious cycle, so don’t be a hero. Breaking up the sets properly is going to be key as if you go too big, you’ll fatigue out and finishing will be rough.


Easy bike or air dyne
Monkey bars of death
Couch stretch

Get to know and love this type of cooldown. Bike to flush the junk out of your legs. Monkey bars of death because the name is awesome and it’ll make your hamstrings feel like a million bucks tomorrow. Couch will be a staple in our warm-ups and cooldowns.

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